Be a Safe Driver in San Antonio

When it comes to aggressive versus defensive driving, San Antonio streets are pretty laid back compared to cities like Dallas. However, Bexar County has a similar auto fatality rate to Dallas County (143 fatalities in 2009). The total number of crashes is actually higher for Bexar County than for Dallas or Tarrant County. This may be partly because San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Rapid growth can wreak havoc on roads that aren’t designed to handle so much traffic. Streets that are too narrow, bumpy, and winding make it tough to get around – especially during the long, busy tourist season. Areas that are in the process of being improved mean lots of construction. How can you drive safer in congested traffic where there's lots of roadwork?

Tips for Work Zone Driving

In the U.S., 2-3 people are killed in road construction zone auto fatalities every day. Contrary to what you might assume, most of the people who die in work zone accidents are actually motorists rather than road workers. Here are some San Antonio defensive driving tips for being safer near construction sites:

  • Slow down and maintain a safe follow distance. You don't know when the speed limit may change suddenly or when traffic may be diverted to a different lane.
  • Give construction workers and road equipment a wide berth.
  • Always obey road crew flaggers. They are trained to direct traffic safely and you can get a ticket for ignoring their instructions.
  • Merge into the appropriate lane as soon as possible instead of trying to nudge your way in at the last minute.

Most Hazardous Intersections

According to the San Antonio Police Department, accidents at the following intersections are commonly caused by speeding, red light running, and drivers not paying attention:

  • Bitters Road @ Highway 281 North
  • Highway 281 @ Interstate 35 North
  • Loop 1604 @ Interstate 10 West (the notorious cloverleaf)
  • Ingram Road @ Loop 410
  • Loop 1604 East @ Highway 281 North

Stay in the Loop on Traffic Conditions


With a burgeoning population and road conditions that are constantly in flux, keeping up to speed with current traffic conditions is essential.

You can use the TransGuide website as a source for planning your daily commute or a weekend trip. To view a list of actual road closures, see the City of San Antonio website.