How to Drive Defensively in Fort Worth

Did you know that there were over 27,900 car crashes in Tarrant County in 2009 – with more than 4300 serious injuries? One of the best ways to stay safe on the roads in DFW is by taking a refresher course in defensive driving. Fort Worth is known for its lively entertainment district...and for the car accidents that result when people drink and drive. In Tarrant County in 2010 alone, 41 people died in alcohol related auto accidents. In fact, the state of Texas has more drunk driving collisions per year than any other state - with North Texas ranking among the most dangerous areas.

Nighttime Driving Tips for Fort Worth

Drunk drivers are more likely to be on the road at night, but so is another class of drivers who are just as dangerous – drowsy drivers. Actually, all of us drive more poorly at night simply because hazards aren’t easy to see in low light. Fortunately, most major Fort Worth roads are well lit. However, you still need to use extra caution to make up for the fact that everyone is worse at nighttime driving.

  • Clean your windshield before you drive at night so there is less dust and grime to block your vision or create glare.
  • Set your dash lights on low and don't turn on other interior lights since bright lights inside your car can impair your night vision.
  • Focus on the right edge of the roadway to help you stay on the road when oncoming headlights are too bright.
  • Reduce your speed and leave extra room for braking at night since judging distances is more difficult in the dark.
  • If you feel slightly drowsy, lower the temperature in your car to help you stay alert. If drowsiness continues or increases, find a safe place to stop and take a nap.

Most Deadly Fort Worth Intersections

DFW highway intersections are notorious for being prime car crash areas. In Fort Worth, there are two intersections with a particularly bad reputation. Watch out for drivers running red lights (or rear ending you when you stop at one) in the following locations:

  • Main Street &s; State Highway 121
  • Paige Road &s; State Highway 121

Avoid Unnecessary Interaction with Angry Drivers

angry driver

Staying away from traffic pileups and delays is a smart (and easy) way to practice defensive driving.

Fort Worth, Texas has a well developed traffic tracking system, so take a quick look at sites like and DFW Traffic before hitting the streets.